Package software.common

Class Summary
BallotGeometryMap A wrapper for the Ballot Geometry.
Cluster A cluster has a center of mass, is in a rectangle of coordonates ((xmin,ymin),(xmax,ymax)) and containes a number of points (different from the number of points in the rectangle) A cluster is only a wrapper around those values
Drow A row in the D table of the punchboard
ImagePanel This code was edited or generated using CloudGarden's Jigloo SWT/Swing GUI Builder, which is free for non-commercial use.
ImageToCoordinatesInches Given an image, it finds all color spots (Clusters) on that image.
MarkPermutations Computes the mark permutations using the following algorithm
For P:
Let M be a byte array of length 16 (see below how M is constructed for P1,P2,D2) Compute a secret key SK = Dmk1(C xor Emk2(C xor Emk1(M))) AES128 ECB NoPadding Let MM be a byte array of length 2, MM[0]=question number, MM[1]=answer number Using the secret key SK, encrypt MM using AES128 ECB PKCS#5Padding sort the cryptograms to generate the permutation
For P1:
For P2:
For D2:
D4 is computed from P1,P2,P4
The format of the permutatio is:
each permutation is represented as an array of possitive bytes (thus max 127).
Meeting General framework for all the meetings.
MeetingReaderSax Reads an xml file representing a meeting and puts everything in memory
Prow A row in the P table of the punchboard
Rrow A row in the R table of the punchboard
Util Helper class

Enum Summary