Class CheckTableCorrectness

  extended by software.auditor.CheckTableCorrectness

public class CheckTableCorrectness
extends java.lang.Object

Checks: - the reply contains what was asked for - commitments to p1 and p2 is valid - p1+p2=d2+d4 - commitment to d2 and d4 is valid - check if all the pid in the D tables are among the requested ones - check that all the rids in one partition are the same (no matter how many D instances) Algorithm: read in memory MeetingOneIn.xml read in memory MeetingTwoIn.xml read in memory MeetingTwoOut.xml - check that all the requested ballots have been opened (while reading prints) - TODO for each partition, check that the pid SET is the one that was requested - TODO for each partition, check that the rid SET is the same for all partitions - TODO check the files agains an xml schema - check that p1+p2=d2+d4 for all partitions, all instances go through each line of meeting one out (use sax) - if a row in P is found, check if the ballot was requested for audit - check the commitments for p1 and p2 - if a row in D is found - check the commitment for d2 and d4

Constructor Summary
CheckTableCorrectness(java.lang.String meetingOneIn, java.lang.String meetingTwoIn, java.lang.String meetingTwoOut)
          parses the three parameters and puts them into memory.
Method Summary
 void check(java.lang.String meetingOneout)
          /** First checks the table correctness (p1+p2=d2+d4).
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
          debug method
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Constructor Detail


public CheckTableCorrectness(java.lang.String meetingOneIn,
                             java.lang.String meetingTwoIn,
                             java.lang.String meetingTwoOut)
                      throws java.lang.Exception
parses the three parameters and puts them into memory. They are smaller them m1out (m1out will not be kept in memory)

meetingOneIn -
meetingTwoIn -
meetingTwoOut -
Method Detail


public void check(java.lang.String meetingOneout)
           throws java.lang.Exception
/** First checks the table correctness (p1+p2=d2+d4). Then it checks the commitments All the challenges have to be checked. m1in is not read in memory

meetingOneout -
java.lang.Exception - - if the auditor find an iregularity, or (null) if one of the challenges is not opened


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
                 throws java.lang.Exception
debug method

args -