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Punchscan's VoComp submission document [PDF]
Updated July 09, 2007

Independent Verification

For details about participating in the election audit, please visit the election audit procedures page.


Instructions on how to run a Punchscan Election [PDF]
Source code documentation [Javadoc]

Source Code

  • javacode.tar.bz2 -- Contains the Audit tools, Ballot Authoring Software, Election Engine, and Polling Place software. Source code written in Java.
  • gsaed-website.tar.bz2 -- The election website used for the GSAED election (with sensitive data redacted). This includes generic files with information for voters, logs, and the XML files. It also has some cached ballot images and other various data of interest to the website.
  • database.sql.tar.bz2 -- database schema and data for the aforementioned website. This does not include the pollbook database, which contains sensitive data (student ID numbers).
  • selection.tool.tar.bz2 -- Contains the audit challenge tool. Written as a Mathematica notebook.

Conflict of Interest Statement for the Punchscan Team [PDF]