Welcome to the Punchscan site for GSAÉD's Election.

You can visit GSAÉD's website here.

Results are available, Thanks for voting!

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Election Audit Data

Download Audit Data [ZIP - 5,477kb]

or download the audit files individually:

Download Meeting 1 Output [(xml) - 6,744kb]
Download Meeting 2 Input [(xml) - 51kb]
Download Meeting 2 Output [(xml) - 4,328kb]
Download Meeting 3 Input [(xml) - 10kb]
Download Meeting 3 Output [(xml) - 76kb]
Download Meeting 4 Input [(xml) - 1kb]
Download Meeting 4 Output [(xml) - 2,421kb]

Election Audit Tool

Download Pre-Election audit tool [(exe) - 44kb]
Download Post-Election auditor tool [(exe) - 48kb]

Source Code

Download Pre-Election audit tool [Source]
Download Post-Election audit tool [Source]

The audit software requires Microsoft .NET Framework to be installed.

Download Ballot Selector (.nb)
Download Stock Data